My favorite F2017 collection

Cucinelli’s Fall 2017 collection, The Art of Blend, is surprisingly right up my alley. During the presentation of this years fall collections, Cucinelli told the crowd: “Men don’t really care about changing their wardrobe every season; basically, they don’t like to throw away old things. That’s why blending the old with the new has become a new curated fashion language.”

I’ve always liked the classy sartorial core of fashion, and Cucinelli has never strayed from what seems to be working for him and for us, and his core vision remains the same. “In menswear, small details make all the difference, and with the right jacket, a man can easily look stylish.”

Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2017 (Credit: Vogue)

Brunello Cucinelli Fall 2017 (Credit: Vogue)

“As is paramount chez Cucinelli, fabrics were of the highest quality; velvet was used, as well as baby alpaca and noble fibers. Colors were more vivid than usual, underlining the energetic mood that permeated the lineup, where elements from activewear, casual, and formalwear blended into a very Italian medley with a distinctive, nonchalant yet dapper flair. “It’s an elevated individual look, which could’ve been put together by a modern alchemist,” concluded the rakish entrepreneur, as if speaking of his own personal sense of style.”-Vogue