Gucci S/S 2017

Gucci’s S/S 2017 collection is both past and present. Past is what we’ve seen in previous collections, present is a theme well known for fashion nomads – travel. The collection is like an Aerosmith concert from back in the days, all rock’n’roll, old logos and exquisite leather jackets. With references to Donald Duck, culture, embroideries and vivid colors, this collection is as exciting as it is aesthetically pleasing.


The collection gives us patterns from around the world, fonts and icons taken from Asian, Greek, British and American history and motifs, on jackets, hoods and tees. The colors gives it that spark of light that we long for – spring. A blast from the past is also the tiger, returning this season in the well recognizable Gucci form, but also in a more abstract form, on an embellished green corduroy bomber jacket with detailed stitching and sequins.



Details in the collection include scribbled jeans, pink Gucci logo on a sweatshirt, neo-vintage duffel bag with a skull and bones, embroidered and patched backpack, embroidered leather slippers and white high-top sneakers.