Apple Watch x Hermès

I must admit, the apple watch isn’t for the regular fashion snob. While technology is cool, I’m pretty sure most of us like a little more luxury on our wrists. A couple of years ago, Apple teamed up with Hermès for the first time to create a range of stylish watch bands based on the legendary French fashion house’s quality.


They’ve done it again, and here is a glimpse of what Apple x Hermès has to offer in the collection. Pairing with the Apple Watch Series 2 are four new Hermès leather watch bands—the 38mm Double Tour in Bleu Zéphyr Epsom leather, the 38mm Double Buckle Cuff in Fauve Barenia leather, the 42mm Single Tour in Lime Epsom leather, and the 42mm Single Tour in Colvert Swift leather.

Available on and, the Single Tour will retail for $339, the Double Tour for $489, and the Double Buckle Cuff for $689.